Pale bare feet gently touched the stone rooftop of the Aventine ludus where Kaleesi stood each evening to watch the sunset. Even if she spent the day at the Academy, her brother's villa or even with her father in the upper hills, she always danced her way from rooftop to rooftop back into the Aventine where she could watch the sun reflect across the river as the shipments were brought in across the docks, lanterns and torches were lit to guide the people in the lower hills, and the colors in the sky would glimmer against the sails of departing ships.

Slender white paws stepped gently next to her as she sat down and pulled her knees to her chest, reaching a hand out to caress the soft fur lining the pointed ears of the wolf that sat beside her. Though most wolves, even Scynthian ones, spent their time on the ground, Kaleesi had insisted on bringing Theseus on the roofs with her when they were both very young. She refused to have a wolf who was afraid of heights, though the pup never indicated any such phobia to begin with.

"Cyrie's been looking for you today," her mother's voice called from behind here where a small window had been created especially for her since she often disappeared to the same place - and few were willing to fetch her save for her mother, aunt and cousin.

"I was at the temple of Vesta." Her soft voice spoke without turning to look away from the setting sun.

"They aren't even your Gods," Kalira sighed, stepping out onto the roof with her daughter.

"They are the Gods of my forefathers," she said with a sarcastic smile.

"Gods who've you've forsaken, of your own will mind you," Kalira pointed out.

"It's pretty inside," Kaleesi shrugged her shoulders. "They take in the sick there too. The priestesses are healers," she smiled tenderly.

"You're not . . ." Kalira paused, eyes slightly widening. "Kalee, you're not assisting them in healing are you?" Her tone was worried and Kaleesi immediately picked up on it.

A sigh escaped the young girls lips. Everyone always worried. They worried about all the children equally though, the three born in the year of the great war especially. Some murmured that perhaps their abilities had something to do with what happened, though others believed it was the other way around. Kaleesi however believed that things just happened, not always for a reason or in consequence of something else.

They worried about Adoneus because of his habit of displaying his powers in front of mortals. They worried about Cyrenia because Aliria displayed pyrokinetic abilities at a similar age. And they worried about Kaleesi because she wanted to heal others - but life granted life. One thing could not be given without another taking it's place. And while a fire was easy to put out, a life was not so easy to restore once taken.

"No, I'm not doing anything. I wouldn't reveal myself," she sighed knowing that was her mother's true concern. "You worry too much. You can tell Cyrie that I'm up here." She offered.

"You know one of these days someone is going to notice a giant wolf and a little girl perched on the roofs," Kalira smirked.

Kaleesi turned, her bright violet eyes shined when she smiled. "And who would believe them if they spoke of it?"

The four women had been on their own once outside the city when they turned Wulf's guards back the other way. Aliria had been annoyed that he insisted on the men accompanying them through Rome, but she understood that somehow it made everyone else feel better about the trip in general. Kalira's Senator and laywer both seemed on edge last Aliria saw them, and even Wulf appeared emotional, though it was hard to tell through his rough exterior. Even Attellus reacted poorly, though she knew there was slight relief on his part with her mother leaving the city as well.

But she understood. Because the truth of the matter was they were leaving Rome, endangering all of their lives in order to make it to Scynthia, and if they returned, there would hopefully be two babies in their party. Aliria however didn't know if she would return, what with the whole baby time change thing unresolved. If she were to disappear into the ether, she preferred to be in Scynthia.

It had been almost two weeks into the trip and so far she, Karina, Kalira and Kalira's handmaiden Reggia had only been confronted by travelers twice - thankfully with no attacks from either party. Once they were able to trade with a young family heading to Rome. Aliria handed over what little coin she had to the people in need and took a good portion of their food in exchange. Then they all pointed them in the direction of the ludus, knowing that Wulf would help them out. Besides, coin wasn't needed where the women were going now.

Aliria woke early to get their camp packed up in order to head out as soon as they possibly could. The herbs they packed to keep Kalira from getting sick had run out and the last three mornings they were held back from leaving due to Kalira's illness. She was grateful her mother had passed the stage, though Karina's own pregnancy kept them from moving as quickly as Aliria would have liked.

"Everyone ready to go?" Aliria asked as she cleared the small hill from the river where they set their camp. Skins filled with water, Aliria felt prepared to go as far as the southern border of where the Dacian/Scynthian forest reached, though she knew that their timing depended on the other three. "I think we'll make good time today if we take the northeast route through the hills, though it's not as fast as the main road, but we'll avoid other travelers."